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Why you should get a Massage during Winter?

1. Massage makes you feel good – Relaxation Massage can support you in combating those winter blues. Heaters and warm towels can support your body to relax deeply on the table.

2. Enhances blood flow – General aches and pains or conditions such as arthritis can feel a lot worse during the cold of winter. Massage therapy enhances blood flow in the body which can support in alleviating stiffness and soreness.

3. Massage can stimulate otherwise dormant muscles – If you have stopped exercise this winter, then massage therapy can give your muscles the much-needed wake up call. This can even make you feel more like exercising as a result of the increased vitality.

4. Massage softens your skin – Winter has a way of making our skin feel particularly dry.

Oil used in a massage therapy session can soften and support hydration of the skin. So this winter, Why not treat yourself to a massage?

We are here to keep your session room warm and cosy.

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