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Capital Wellness Massage & Day Spa

3 warning signs you're about to get Office Syndrome, and how you can avoid it !

Medibank Choice Advantage for Remedial Massage in Gunghalin


Why We Are The Best

Capital Wellness Massage and Day Spa are here to provide the ultimate in body care.  With treatments ranging from relaxation to remedial full body massage, or pampering packages including spa treatments and body toning. We are the only provider in North Canberra that is Medibank Member’s Choice Advantage for Remedial Massage so you can get more claims and our quality is assured.

Our clinic provides the perfect retreat to indulge yourself.  We offer an extensive variety of massages and spa treatments designed to soothe the mind and body.

What To Expect

Relaxation and the removal of stress will assist in improving your overall health. Our staff hold a Remedial Massage Diploma and/or a Massage Therapist Certificate IV. Only with the necessary training are we able to understand the theory and practice required to provide you with the care needed.

Capital Wellness Massage and Day Spa will create a caring experience and provide a relaxing environment in which to rejuvenate yourself in the heart of Gungahlin, Canberra.

We are located in the heart of Gungahlin, drop by!

Our Work


All our Massages and Spa Treatments use the best of ancient and modern techniques, and combine this with the finest quality ingredients. Our aim is to provide care that will restore your equilibrium to the mind, body and soul.

FREE Parking available on Anthony Rolfe Avenue. Opposite the shop. (Woolworths Free Carpark available)

Signs & Symptoms of Office Syndrome

Some of the signs and symptoms include:
  • Headaches – due to stress, caffeine, eyestrain, screen glare, hunger &/or dehydration, bad posture.
  • Upper back & shoulder pain – due to bad posture, desk too high, chair too low, unsupported forearms.
  • Lower back pain – due to sitting for too long, unsupported back/torso, slouching, repetitive turning of the torso.
  • Neck pain – due to monitor too high/low, repetitive turning of the neck, holding phone between shoulder & neck.

How to prevent Office Syndrome

Some of the signs and symptoms include:
  • Change your sitting or working position every twenty or thirty minutes.
  • Stretch the muscles in your arms, hands, wrists and legs every hour. …
  • Make sure your wrists are in a straight position; do not bend or twist them too often.
  • Give your eyes a rest from the computer every ten minutes.

Receive a Office Syndrome Massage that helps relieve tension from your back, neck, and shoulders.

You’ve been working hard, allow our skilled therapists to help relieve your pain and discomfort from sitting in that office chair.

Based on 36 reviews
I am a bricklayer by trade and I couldn't recommend this place any more. I had previously dislocated my shoulder and was on cortisone injections. Eating panadol and nurofen, like ticktacs just to get through the day. After 2 or 3 visits I'm not in any where near as much pain. Except for 3 days after the massage "only due to bruising cos I told them to go as hard as possible 🤦🏾‍♂️" some days I even forget to take any pain meds at all. If you have a injury you need sorted. Then definitely go.
vereniki taginakaibure
vereniki taginakaibure
I have a body scrub and massage.That was a fabulous. So relaxing, highly recommended.
Lekthong Thanaphontip
Lekthong Thanaphontip
Amazing massage, excellent venue, cant wait to book in again. Thank you. 😀
Prue Woolnough
Prue Woolnough
Really excellent massage and experienced masseuse! Felt so relaxed after, highly recommend!
Yanting Mao
Yanting Mao
The best massage place in Canberra! I had an hour long massage today and it was fantastic.The rooms are beautiful, clean and tidy and good ambiance for relaxing.highly recommend.
Grace B
Grace B

We are closed every Tuesday!!!

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